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Trey Sanders

Full Stack Developer + Designer

Trey has always been fascinated with the web as a child. His interest stemmed from playing in competitive online gaming leagues and practicing graphic design in his free time. His passions as a child transpired into the entity before you aimed to providing the public with the highest quality of creative content and customer management systems that visually stimulate and convert users.

Trevor Carr

Videographer + Producer

Trevor's passion has always been behind the lens with videography being the central focus of artistic expression. Working with some of the hottest names and networks in the industry Trevor is always looking to perfect his craft with every shot. Trevor considers himself to be a perfectionist when it comes to his creative process and that is exemplified through his work.

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Jordan Crosby

Sales + Marketing Director

Jordan has always been passionate about growing business structures form the ground up by using cost effective tools that generate exposure. He feels the most effective way to garnishing results for your client is to really get to know their operation on a personal level.

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Julius Buckley

Programmer + Backend Developer

Julius has always been passionate about architecting ideas, and implementing them with code. He's always enjoyed developing unique solutions to unknown problems as well as leveraging the open source community. He feels the fact that there's infinite possibilities to solve one problem is intriguing. He also believes that optimizing these solutions provides an exciting thrill and challenge. I'm fueled by a curiosity of how things work as well as making them better.


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web design in los angeles
web design in los angeles
web design in los angeles

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