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Your website is the first impression that prospective customers get about your business online. If you do not have a website or if you have a dated, poorly designed and developed website, then there is a very good chance that this prospective business is going to move on to a competitor that has put the proper time and care into their website.

There is absolutely nothing preventing you from going with a free or cheap service provider to build your website. As a matter of fact, going this route is better than not having a website at all in our opinion. However, if you’re looking to build a website to actually help your business grow, then going through the proper planning, design and development process to create an effective website is 100% necessary. Your website is your first, and sometimes your only, impression as well. Make sure that it makes the best possible imprint by having a professional team like ours build it correctly from the start.

Yes. All Clear Vision websites are owned entirely by the customers we designed and built them for. Although we have yet to have a client move their Clear Vision website to someone else, you most certainly have the option to do so at any time.

The more information we have from each customer before beginning a project the smoother and quicker the project goes. Ideally, we would like to have the following things before any website build is started; (1) approved sitemap, (2) high resolution logo files, (3) high resolution image files, (4) completed content, (5) domain registrar login info, (6) current web host login info, (7) current CMS login info, (8) current analytics and webmaster tools login info, (9) 3rd party tool login info and (10) completed questionnaire.

Since we build the majority of our websites on WordPress there is not too much we need to do to make a website SEO friendly out of the gate. That said, there is some additional optimization work we include like proper setup of a recommended SEO plugin and assistance with setting up and verifying accounts with Google and Bing webmaster tools.

Our team will assist with helping you identify your calls to action, but ultimately these important elements will need to come from your business. We will make recommendations and help to build in conversion elements like forms and features to capture leads or sales, but the most effective websites are ones that have strong, unique calls to action. Those must come from you, as the representative of your business.

If you select to take advantage of our website service plan, then we will run and store regular website backups that can be delivered on request. However, if you decide to not use our website service plan, then backups will be your responsibility.

For customers that use our website service plan, they will not have to worry about any updates being properly installed, implemented and updated. For customers that choose to opt-out of our website service plan, then they will be responsible for any and all updates.

If you select to take advantage of our website service plan, then we will not only host your website, but also perform regular checks and updates to keep it secure from any malicious behavior. And, in the rare instance, your website does get compromised then our specialists will work to resolve the issues until they have been completely eradicated. If you choose to opt-out of our website service plan, then any and all security and maintenance will be your responsibility.

Although we provide many different ways for our customers to get support, we prefer that they take advantage of our support formto get the quickest response possible. If, for some reason, you don’t like filling out forms, then you can call (323-825-1439), email (support [at] clearvisionmarketing.net) or message on any of our social media accounts.

There are only two situations that may require additional payment: (1) you have used up the included hours of technical support in your website service plan and (2) you are requesting a change, fix, addition or removal that is outside of the mutually agreed upon scope of your project as it was outlined upon contract or quote initiation. In situations where additional fees are required we will always provide a cost and time quote that will require your approval before we ever bill you for anything.

With each website that we build we assist with the proper setup and installation of Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. For customers that need regular consulting on what their data means or how to use it, then we offer consulting services.