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Where questions regarding Search Engine Optimization are formed.

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. SEO is something that can be done on your website (content development, coding, internal linking, etc) or off of your website (link building) to help your website organically rank for its relevant key phrases. For a more detailed, visual explanation checkout this SEO infographic.

The easiest way to see if your site is ranking is to simply go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and do a search for the key phrases that you feel are relevent to your website. If you do not see yourself on the first page of those search engines for those key phrases then your site is not getting the placement and exposure it needs and you have some work to do. Our team of SEO professionals can help you achieve the organic rankings your website needs to be found online.

If your website has not proven itself as a relevant, authoritative, legitimate resource for the key phrases you think you should be ranking for, then it will most certainly not compete for the coveted organic rankings on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. To make your website “relevant, authoritative and legitimate” your website needs (1) quality content, (2) quality backlinks and (3) proper coding. If you do not have experience recognizing these things or accomplishing them, then we can help.