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Structure Your Lead Campaigns For Success

You can’t just throw content at passers-by and hope it’ll stick. You need lead nurturing. Inbound content marketing is an ordered, regular stream of content and prompts that guides the lead down the funnel, step by step. These ten lead-nurturing tips will have you driving up traffic, boosting conversions, closing deals and continually delighting your customers:…

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Can Startups Create Interactive Content?

Published By Nicole Cordier on June 14, 2017 In today’s digital age, leveraging interactive content is the name of the game. While we see many amazing campaigns coming from creative agencies and big brands, the place where interactive content truly shines is in its potential for small businesses. Leveraging interactive content for small businesses can be…

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A More Effective Strategy to Selling on Instagram

By Shane Barker on May 10, 2017 Instagram now has 600 million monthly active users, making it one of the most popular social networking channels. Effectively using Instagram can help you promote your e-commerce business and drive sales. In fact, the platform is highly recommended, because it is considered to have the highest engagement rate…

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Key Tips For Creating Effective Blog Content

By Joel Friedlander on May 1, 2017 In this increasingly social world, where the effectiveness of your book marketing can seem to be a matter of metrics—hits, shares, likes, re-tweets, re-pins—shareable content is, or should be, the goal for all author bloggers. All these ways social media gives us to comment and pass on each…

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