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A Case Study in Google’s Use of Visit & Click Data

Published Jun, 30th 2017 via There’s still a weirdly large percent of the SEO and web marketing worlds that, despite overwhelming evidence, don’t believe that Google is collecting or using visit, engagement, click-through or clickstream data. This week, we stumbled across a superb example of the search giant doing just that, so I had…

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5 Local SEO Ranking Criteria

Local SEO is a whole different ball game. Many blogs and sites teach you about how to rank in your country or across the world. But few of them talk about how to get your local business client to show up where they need to be… …right in front of their customers in their local…

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How to Build Rapport on Social Media

 By Matthew Spur Okay, so this is one of those topics that I always find staggering. People often ask me how to build trust on social media. They’ll usually tell me that they feel like they’re talking to a wall, or that nobody is listening. Not only is this unpleasant, but it defeats the point of social media…

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