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How To Improve Your Infographic Content With Images

Written by Nadya Khoja on January 6, 2017 You’ve found yourself in an interesting position. Your boss has just told you that he wants you to make an infographic since he’s heard they’re “all the rage” right now. So you hit the web and start researching your options. You finally land on the perfect infographic…

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Optimized Form Design: Isolated Page Structure (Case Study)

In 2008, I worked on They wanted a single-page checkout with the trendiest of techniques from that era, including accordions, AJAX and client-side validation. Each step (delivery address, delivery options and credit-card details) had an accordion panel. Each panel was submitted via AJAX. Upon successful submission, the panel collapsed and the next one opened,…

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How Page Speed Effects Your SEO Performance

By Nik Donovic on May 9, 2017 Page speed is the speed at which a user is able to access and interact with a website’s content. Major tech companies invest heavily in page speed because it is associated with lower bounce rates and higher conversions. For search engine optimization purposes, page speed is important because…

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