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Work, life, balance?

Do you have work-life balance? The most progressive question that burns in every young adult’s mind as they’ve once participated or currently participating in the bloodsport of corporate America. The most relatable corporate setting involves working long hours in a confined space with little to no innovation in their routine. If you’re in a large…

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Top 10 SEO Tools For SEO Enthusiasts

Written by Alexandra Sheehan on June 13, 2017 Search engine optimization — SEO — is an important way to make sure people are finding your brand and your website online. And though many might think SEO is just about using the right keywords, it’s actually much more complex. Backlinks, page speed, keyword density, product ads —…

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How To Improve Your Infographic Content With Images

Written by Nadya Khoja on January 6, 2017 You’ve found yourself in an interesting position. Your boss has just told you that he wants you to make an infographic since he’s heard they’re “all the rage” right now. So you hit the web and start researching your options. You finally land on the perfect infographic…

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Structure Your Lead Campaigns For Success

You can’t just throw content at passers-by and hope it’ll stick. You need lead nurturing. Inbound content marketing is an ordered, regular stream of content and prompts that guides the lead down the funnel, step by step. These ten lead-nurturing tips will have you driving up traffic, boosting conversions, closing deals and continually delighting your customers:…

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Optimized Form Design: Isolated Page Structure (Case Study)

In 2008, I worked on They wanted a single-page checkout with the trendiest of techniques from that era, including accordions, AJAX and client-side validation. Each step (delivery address, delivery options and credit-card details) had an accordion panel. Each panel was submitted via AJAX. Upon successful submission, the panel collapsed and the next one opened,…

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